Your DeFi Playground –SwapAll Layer 3 Beta Testing Launched!

4 min readJan 24, 2022


In the past 2021, SwapAll overcame countless obstacles, broke through the 90,000 registered user milestone, achieved more than 4 times the user growth and nearly 3 times the transaction volume increase. While supporting more mainstream chains, bringing SwapAll users a simple, convenient, and smooth APP + Layer 2 fully decentralized trading experience. During this difficult time, SwapAll actively listened to and implemented the updates from users and decided to launch the Layer 3 version at the end of January 2022.

SwapAll Layer 3 version is based on SwapAll Layer 2 and will gradually introduce functions such as spot trading, margin trading, and futures trading to meet the various needs of more users for advanced financial functions. Meanwhile, SwapAll plans to continuously airdrop popular tokens to Layer 3 users as well. SwapAll Layer 3 will also be launched on the mobile APP soon to further expand the market and realize SwapAll’s vision of building a one-stop DeFi playground.

SwapAll Layer 3 New Feature — Futures Trading

Futures trading is also one of the ways of the advanced exchange functions. Investors do not need to pay the full amount of the contract value, but only need to pay a certain percentage of the margin, judge the trend of ups and downs, and then start trading, which greatly reduces the participation threshold and allows users have the opportunity to participate in beneficial transactions.

Because of the leverage, it brings the property of winning big with small capital, in theory, users can make profits at a correspondingly lower cost. For example, users can set high leverage of 10 times in the perpetual contract trading of SwapAll Layer 3 and invest $50 to achieve the profit effect of $500 as the principal. Moreover, unlike spot trading, contract transactions can be long and short, no matter how the market changes, the user only needs to correctly predict the trend. Whether it is a bull market that rises sharply or a bear market that falls drastically, it does not have much impact on futures trading. If there is enough room for the market to fluctuate, users will have the opportunity to make profits.

We know that it is unlikely that there will be moonshot coins like in the past two years. Such chaos has become a thing of history. At present, most of the so-called moonshot coins have uncertain short-term risks. For users, instead of following the popularity and pursuing unstable small coins, it is better to use the same cost to join the price prediction of mainstream stable coins to obtain higher earnings. This is also the reason why the trading volume of the global futures market is so large.

SwapAll is well aware of the needs of senior users for futures trading, so it has decided to provide perpetual contract trading options for all users when 2022 arrives. In this market where it is no longer possible to profit from small coins, it will bring huge benefits to users. space of interest.

SwapAll Layer 3 Soon-to-come Feature — Spot Trading

SwapAll has already had good and in-depth cooperation with Chainlink, the top data provider in the industry, and has achieved true decentralization in the automatic market-making function on the APP side, realizing instant transactions without waiting for spots, improving capital efficiency, and reducing impermanent losses. The launch of Layer 3 by SwapAll this time has finally completed the puzzle of automatic market-making + spot trading so that both crypto newbies and senior investors can find a suitable operation method on SwapAll.

For example, the current bitcoin price is $42,000 US dollars, and the user feels that there is still room for a callback to $40,000, so they can select a spot in Layer 3 of SwapAll, enter the price of $40,000 and the quantity, then a spot is placed. The system will automatically help the user to buy when the Bitcoin price reaches the trigger of $40,000. SwapAll introduced this function in the Layer 3 version, hoping that investors who cannot keep an eye on the market all the time, or investors who pay attention to multi-line transactions at the same time, can also complete transactions with the best price and complete more advanced operations.

More importantly, the chart allows users to obtain ups and downs trends and historical prices from different time periods, making the price analysis and the market analysis professional and simple. The SwapAll Layer 3 spot trading function will be launched in the future.

At present, the SwapAll Layer 3 public beta is about to be officially launched. Users who have successfully obtained the public beta qualification, please refer to the SwapAll announcement. Let’s participate in the public beta and open the new chapter of SwapAll!

Please note:

· If you do not have a SwapAll account, you can download the SwapAll APP at or connect your wallet to the SwapAll Layer 2 website

· The final interpretation right of Layer 3 functions belongs to SwapAll.

· Risk Warning: Digital currency is a high-risk investment. Users are requested to invest cautiously, make rational judgments, and avoid blindly following the trend. SwapAll Exchange protects the rights and interests of all platform users but does not assume the responsibility for guarantees and compensations for investment activities.