Voting instruction at SwapAll, you decide what to launch!

3 min readFeb 11, 2022

By following the idea of “Development with Community, only to launch what the users prefer”, SwapAll has started several votes and has launched multiple tokens and features that are aligning with users’ preferences.

In 2022, SwapAll will continuously pick and launch valuable services for users. If you have not made your first vote, follow the instruction and make a vote!

Instruction on App

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of Home page, click “Community Section”

2. Choose an opening proposal to start

3. Read the proposal info, click “Vote Now”

4. Input the amount of votes, click “Confirm Vote”. The minimum vote is 1 SAP, all SAP used by vote will be returned back to the user’s wallet after the proposal finishes.

5. Review the vote, then click “CONFIRM”

6. Showing pop-up message: “Vote Successful”, the vote has been made successfully. The amount of votes at voe pool also increased by the vote you have made. Vote completed.

Instruction on Layer 2

  1. Click “Vote” at the top menu, choose the open proposal to vote.

2. Click “Vote” to input the amount of your vote.

3. Choose “For”/“Against” and input a number at “Input Amount”. The minimum amount is 1 SAP.

Note: the voted SAP will be returned back to the user’s account after the proposal finishes.

4. Click “Sign” at the pop-up MaskMask window to confirm.

5. Vote succeeded, the page will automatically be jumped back to the proposal page.

A new round of Community Vote at SwapAll will be opened at 11:01 on Feb 15, 2022, go check and make your first vote!