SwapAll x Metis — $30,000 Year-end Giveaway!

3 min readDec 20, 2021


After the end of the ADA event series, SwapAll decides to continually bring new campaigns for dear users at the end of 2021. As a popular project in the blockchain industry, Metis focuses on the development of Layer 2 technology like SwapAll. Not only does Metis have a unique understanding of the global blockchain trend, but Metis is also a like-minded partner to SwapAll.

The details of the SwapAll x Metis Campaign are listed below.

Campaign period:10 days

December 21 2021 8AM — December 31 2021 8AM (EST)

There are 3 events in the SwapAll x Metis Giveaway Campaign

Event 1:

Deposit $Metis to share $10,000 value of $Metis

During the event period, users who deposit any amount of Metis from other exchanges or platforms shall share $10,000 equal value of Metis based on the net deposit ratio. (The total deposit amount minus the total withdrawal amount and then divided by total deposit amount of all users on current day) The prize will be calculated and distributed daily.

Event 2:

Trade $Metis to share $10,000 value of $Metis (Exclusive to newly registered users)

Newly registered users during the event period can buy any amount of $Metis with USDT in SwapAll APP or Layer 2 to share $10,000 equal value of $Metis. The prize will be calculated and distributed daily.

Event 3:

Complete all social media tasks to share $10,000

During the event period, complete all following social media tasks to participate in the lucky draw for 80 winners sharing $10,000

Make sure to connect your Twitter account first to authorize Gleam for verification.

  1. Follow Metis on Twitter
  2. Retweet the SwapAll x Metis event announcement Tweet posted by SwapAll
  3. Retweet the SwapAll x Metis event announcement Tweet posted by Metis
  4. Join SwapAll English Telegram community
  5. Join Metis English Telegram community

Complete all social media tasks on Gleam.io to redeem the google form link.

Accurately fill in all required information to participate in the lucky draw.

Event precautions:

  • If you do not have a SwapAll account yet, you can download SwapAll APP on https://swapall.io/download or go to SwapAll Layer 2 website and register. https://swapalltrade.com/
  • Event 3’s prize shall be distributed to wallet addresses that participants have written on Google Form in 2 weeks after the end of SwapAll x Metis Campaign.
  • $Metis swap rate: based on the average daily closing price of the Metis/USDT spot trading pair (6:59:59 PM EST) during the event.
  • Net deposit: the total deposit during the event minus the total withdrawal.
  • Event 3 participants will take full responsibilities for mistakes on Google form. SwapAll and Metis do not offer any compensations.
  • During the Campaign, if there is any cheating behavior detected, SwapAll will strictly review and disqualify the participant.
  • The final interpretation of the event belongs to SwapAll.

SwapAll x Metis Campaign is a year-end gift to all beloved users. SwapAll spends an extraordinary 2021 with all users with precious memories. For next year, SwapAll will keep listening to the voice of the community and bringing unstoppable upgrades and bounties to all beloved users.

Risk warning:

Digital currency is a high-risk investment. All users are requested to invest cautiously, make rational judgments, and avoid blindly following the trend. SwapAll protects the rights and interests of all platform users but does not assume responsibility for guarantees, compensation, etc. for investment activities.