SwapAll x ADA — $30,000 Giveaway

3 min readDec 11, 2021


More Tokens, More Rewards

For a long time, SwapAll has actively connected popular high-quality projects, bringing considerable benefits to the community. SwapAll has officially launched the Cardano token ADA, known as the “third-generation cryptocurrency” on December 14. Following the RACA 30,000 USD giveaway, SwapAll once again brought a 30,000 USD giveaway event to the community.

ADA will be officially launched on SwapAll at 8:00 am EST on December 14, 2021. At that time, users can deposit, withdraw, and swap ADA on the SwapAll APP and Layer 2 to participate in ADA-USDT liquidity mining.

In addition, SwapAll will also simultaneously launch bounties for ADA deposit and withdrawal transactions and offer a $30,000 prize for everyone.

The following are the details of this event, please read carefully to ensure that you do not miss out on all the rewards!


10 days

Dec 14, 2021 at 8:00 am to Dec 24, 2021 at 8:00 am

Event 1Deposit = Reward!

Deposit ADA and share a 10,000 USD equivalent of ADA.

During the event, users only need to deposit ADA from external platforms to SwapAll, then they are eligible for sharing a total of 10,000 USD equivalent of ADA based on the net deposit amount (deposit minus withdrawal). The reward will be calculated and distributed daily during the event period.

Event 2Goodies for Newbies

Trade ADA and share a 10,000 USD equivalent of ADA.

During the event, new users who register through the APP or Layer 2 can swap any amount of ADA with USDT, and they will be eligible for sharing a 10,000 USD equivalent of ADA according to the transaction volume ratio. Rewards will be calculated and distributed daily during the event. This event is only open to newly registered users during the event. If you have not registered for a SwapAll account when you read this article, SwapAll recommends that you register again after 8 am EST on December 14, 2021, to ensure that you are eligible to participate in Event 2.

Event 3:Surprise continues!

An additional 10,000 USD equivalent of ADA.

During the event, users who meet the conditions of Event 1 or Event 2 can also participate in the lucky draw after the event ends. SwapAll will randomly select 80 users, each of whom will be awarded 125 USD equivalent of ADA.

Please note:

• If you do not have a SwapAll account, please download the SwapAll APP to register: https://swapall.io/download

Or enter Layer 2 and connect to the wallet: https://swapalltrade.com/

Register to participate in the events and join the SwapAll referral program.

• The rewards of Event 3 will be distributed to users’ wallets within 2 weeks after the event ends.

• ADA swap rate: based on the average daily closing price of the ADA/USDT spot trading pair (6:59:59 PM EST) during the event.

• SwapAll provides cross-pool transactions for ADA, that is, all tokens supported by SwapAll can be swapped for ADA.

• Net deposit: the total deposit during the event minus the total withdrawal.

• During the event, if there is any cheating behavior detected, SwapAll will strictly review and disqualify the participant.

  • The final interpretation of the event belongs to SwapAll.

SwapAll has always been committed to providing users with high-quality services, high-end project interaction, and rich benefits. In the future, SwapAll will continue to bring you all kinds of high-quality tokens. Providing for the community is always the primary mission of SwapAll.

Risk warning:

Digital currency is a high-risk investment. All users are requested to invest cautiously, make rational judgments, and avoid blindly following the trend. SwapAll protects the rights and interests of all platform users but does not assume responsibility for guarantees, compensation, etc. for investment activities.