SwapAll Layer 3 Beta Testing is now launched with BNB, SHIB, USDT, SAP airdrop!

4 min readDec 23, 2021


SwapAll has traveled all the way through 2021 and has continuously supported new networks, listed new tokens, and brought users a fully decentralized, simpler, more convenient, and smoother APP + Layer 2 experience. In this difficult time, SwapAll actively listened to and integrated the opinions from the community and decided to launch Layer 3 in January 2022.

The SwapAll Layer 3 version is based on SwapAll Layer 2, fully decentralized, and will introduce spot trading, margin trading, and futures trading to meet more users’ needs for advanced financial operations, to further broaden the market, and to realize SwapAll’s vision of building a one-stop DeFi exchange.

Now, the issuance of SwapAll Layer 3 public beta testing qualifications has started. Users can be qualified for Layer 3 public beta and additional Layer 3 service fee refunds if they meet the following conditions. High-quality tokens like USDT, BNB, SHIB, SAP will be randomly distributed to all users who are eligible for sharing rewards. There will be extra surprises and gifts waiting for everyone as well!

The public testing participants are limited to 1,000 users, first come first served, let’s get started now!


December 23, 2021, at 12:30 pm EST, to January 3, 2022, at 12:30 pm EST


· Public testing qualification

Users who have the net deposit amount of BNB, HT, MX more than or equal to 300 USDT in SwapAll APP or Layer 2 and hold this part of funds for at least three days can receive SwapAll Layer 3 public beta testing qualification. At the same time, even without being qualified for the public beta testing because of the participant limit, users can still get the Layer 3 transaction fee refund after 2 weeks, share a total of 50,000 USDT equivalent trending high-quality tokens (including USDT, BNB SHIB, SAP, etc.), and more surprising benefits.

· L3 transaction fee refund

All users who have deposited BNB, HT, MX before the event are automatically qualified for the Layer 3 public beta and the two-week L3 transaction fee refund. For users who are eligible, all the fees incurred in Layer 3 spot, margin, and futures transactions will be automatically returned to the user’s account in the form of increased positions after 2 weeks.

· Share trending high-quality tokens

The sharing reward will be calculated based on the user’s daily net deposit amount of BNB, HT, and MX from the start of the event to the end. Before the end of the public beta eligibility claim date, whether the user has the net deposit amount of BNB, HT, MX more than or equal to 300 USDT and holds this part of funds for three days or not, all who have deposited BNB, HT, and MX will be eligible to share the 50,000 USDT equivalent high-quality tokens (including USDT, BNB, SHIB, SAP) according to the daily net deposit amount recorded at the end of the event.

Additional sharing rewards and other surprising benefits will be calculated daily and be issued within 7 business days after the event ends.

· Qualification Issuance

The public beta qualification will be issued at 6:00 pm EST on January 4, 2022. Users who participate through APP will receive a notification in the APP, users who participate through Layer 2 can go to the Layer 3 page on SwapAll Layer 2 website to check if they are eligible.

The public beta of SwapAll Layer 3 will be officially launched in January 2022. For users who have successfully obtained the public beta qualification, please stay tuned to the SwapAll announcements for the specific launching time of the public beta, so as to participate in the public beta on time. Let us enter the new chapter with SwapAll!

Please note:

• If you do not have a SwapAll account, you can download the SwapAll APP at https://swapall.io/download or go to the SwapAll Layer 2 website https://swapalltrade.com/ to connect to your wallet.

  • Daily net deposit amount = daily deposit - daily withdrawal

• During the event, if cheating is found, SwapAll will strictly review and disqualify the user.

• The final interpretation right of the event belongs to SwapAll.

Risk warning: Digital currency is a high-risk investment. Users are requested to invest cautiously, make rational judgments, and avoid blindly following the trend. SwapAll protects the rights and interests of all platform users but is not responsible for guarantees and compensation for any investment activity.