SwapAll 2.0 Gaia — One step at a time

3 min readOct 12, 2021


All the way until today

Since its launch in late 2019, SwapAll Exchange has always adhered to the continuous innovation, optimization, and breakthrough of platforms and products. It always puts its users first. With various mining pools, smart investment pools, token swap, full cross-chain decentralized wallet deposits and withdrawals, mobile APP & Layer 2 dual entrance, speed and low-cost transactions, community voting… SwapAll is gradually growing to a one-stop DeFi platform.

Under the recent high-pressure policies, SwapAll did not back down. Instead, on its founding anniversary, it launched the 2.0 Gaia version, which fully complies with local policies and brings users a refreshing experience and surprising rewards.

Gaia is the goddess of the earth in Greek mythology. She was born in chaos and created the Gods and Titans. SwapAll 2.0 version launched with this name, which is intended to re-start from the haze of the recent blockchain policies and create a more splendid DeFi paradise for its users.

Bitcoin event series

In the 2.0 Gaia version, SwapAll not only developed various functional upgrades, but also launched BTC deposit, withdrawal, swap, and liquidity mining. It prepared amazing prizes for all loyal users.

Bitcoin’s price has gradually recovered recently, but it still fluctuates up and down. Through a reward pool of more than $50,000, SwapAll encourages users to actively participate in Bitcoin deposit/transaction on SwapAll. Users can make full use of idle bitcoins and enjoy low-risk investment income brought by SwapAll. For more Bitcoin follow-up activities, stay tuned to the update of SwapAll official account.

Brand new official website

The UI update of the official website continues the previous design style. On this basis, the system color matching and visual style are improved to enhance visual comfort. This change is not limited to icons and fonts but includes a series of adjustments including animation and feedback. At the same time, the website has also added portals to the data browser page, the Layer 2 page, and the OTC official website.

While perfectly inheriting the blue theme of the old version, the webpage also added a scrolling banner announcement section. Below this section, users can find the commonly used functions of Layer 2 listed separately in the form of icons and introductions, such as staking, liquidity mining, Vault, etc., which saves the trouble of multiple clicks on the webpage and greatly saves time.

USDT deposit and withdrawal on BSC

In the recently concluded community vote, the SwapAll community officially approved and launched USDT deposit and withdrawal on BSC.

In the SwapAll community, the interests and democratic rights of every member will be respected, and anyone can submit proposals to contribute to the development of the project. SwapAll empowers the community and focuses on achieving positive results. Users can specify in the proposal along with the predicted effect of the implementation of the topic. In the future, the power of the community will become greater and greater, and more and more decision-making rights will be given to users. SwapAll will truly realize DAO management.

A new future

After the 2.0 Gaia version update, SwapAll does not just stop at the updates that have been released. The core team has put the development and launch of aggregated lending function on the agenda. SwapAll will work with users to build the next phase of the open financial world through community voting at the end of this year or early next year.

SwapAll will take the 2.0 version as a new beginning. In future updates, it will actively listen to users’ opinions, bring users more complete functions and a more comfortable interactive experience, and promise to operate unswervingly with no rug pulling. Let us witness the new future of SwapAll!

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