Goodbye, Tediousness! Hello, Fast Withdrawal! — Introducing the Address Book on SwapAll APP

SwapAll has been updated to v1.6.2, the address book function has been added to the APP, which aims to save users the trouble of searching for corresponding addresses every time when withdrawing assets, thereby improving user experience.

The address book is privately owned by the user. The user can add a frequently used withdrawal path to the private address book. Each address will save the [Token] and [Network] information entered by the user (such as withdraw USDT to the TRX chain). When adding an address, the user can add a note to this address for easy searching in the future; after saving, the user can still edit or delete the address in the address book at any time.

Sample page:

There are two ways for users to add frequently used addresses to the address book:

Method One

Users can select a token to enter its address book on the APP withdrawal page. After entering, they can view, add or edit all the existing addresses of the currently selected token (including note and network).

If the user wants to manually add a new address, the user can enter the add address page at the bottom of the main page. The system will autofill the current token and network for the user by default (the user can manually change the network), and the user only needs to fill in the address, a note (optional), and click Save Address.

Method One on the APP:

Method Two

After the user successfully withdraws tokens, the system will now show a new result page. If the address used by the user for this withdrawal has not been added to the address book, a “Save Address” button will appear on this page. Click it to enter the add address page, and the system will autofill the token, network, and address used in this withdrawal. Users can edit any content (optional) or add notes (optional) and save.

Method Two on the APP:

Please Note:

1. The user’s address on Layer 2 is linked to the MetaMask wallet, so there is no need for an address book on Layer 2.

2. Each user’s address book can temporarily store up to 100 addresses.

3. When the filled address does not match the selected network:

a. When the address entered by the user does not match the network selected on the withdrawal page, the system will prioritize the network of the address entered by the user and display a reminder that the network has been automatically changed.

b. After the user fills in the address, the system will clear the address bar every time the network is switched, and the user needs to fill in the address again.