Elegant and easier to use — Fully optimized SwapAll Layer 2 UI

Earlier today, SwapAll has fully optimized the UI of its Layer 2 web entrance. While retaining all existing functions, it also updated the industry’s first cross-chain LP deposit and withdrawal function.

UI changes

This UI update adopts the previous design style and improves the system's color matching and visual style to enhance a sense of comfort. This change is not limited to icons and fonts, but a series of adjustments, including animation and feedback, which will make users feel that the on-page operation is smoother and more delicate than before.

This UI update perfectly inherits the old version of the blue theme page, and at the same time adds a scrolling head banner announcement section in an eye-catching position on the homepage. Users can easily learn about the latest features of SwapAll Layer 2 (such as referral rewards, etc.). Below the announcement section, users can find the commonly used functions of Layer 2 listed separately in the form of icons and introductions, such as Stake, Liquidity Pools, Vaults, etc., which saves the trouble of multiple navigations on the page and greatly saves operation time.

Function update

At the same time, SwapAll also launched the external LP deposit and withdrawal function, opening the industry’s first cross-chain mobile pool that shares the same set of LP rewards, which means that LP tokens from outside SwapAll exchange can also be staked on the SwapAll APP and Layer The 2 end and users can enjoy staking rewards. This feature is launched on the SwapAll APP and Layer 2 simultaneously, creating the first cross-chain aggregated mobile pool for blockchain users. This update greatly increases the ease of cross-platform operations for users and provides more options for users to dispose of existing assets. The choice breaks through the traditional cryptocurrency staking model and opens up more usage scenarios for different cryptocurrencies.

As we all know, Layer 2 side chain technology accelerates the transaction speed and further expands the application and innovation of blockchain technology, and can also enhance the privacy security of the blockchain. SwapAll formally takes advantage of this feature from Layer 2, adhering to improving usability. SwapAll constantly brings updates and strives to create a fully functional, easy-to-operate, and asset-safe exchange.

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