BTC Vault — Third Event for SwapAll Anniversary

SwapAll Anniversary event series continues, and surprises are coming for the third time!

As 2021 is drawing to the close, but the events of SwapAll are just starting. The BTC transaction trading contest has half passed, and the current smart investment Vault for BTC is now launched so that every step of your asset investment will lead to a bigger harvest!

Launch Schedule:

Launching on October 12, 2021, at 11:00 am PDT

Vault Detail:

The initial APY of the BTC Vault is 2%;

Stake BTC to earn SAP, the SwapAll platform token;

Eligible for SwapAll NFT acceleration, 1 Silver NFT or 1 Bronze NFT can accelerate the earning of 0.002 BTC by 10%; if the Silver and Bronze NFT you hold have the same ID number, the same amount can be accelerated by 20%;

The initial cap of the Vault is 5 BTC, and the investment channel will be closed when the Vault is full;

The minimum amount for a single investment transaction is 0.01 BTC.


Users can log in to the SwapAll APP or Layer 2 to enter the Vaults and choose BTC Vault to stake.

Make full use of your idle BTC, don’t just store them in a cold wallet! It’s better to come to SwapAll to make your BTC smart investments, stake and unstake whenever you want, with real-time calculation of rewards, you can make gains every second. At the same time, SwapAll can assure all users of the safety of all the assets. Please feel free (and safe) to come to SwapAll to invest and trade!

APP download:

Layer 2 entrance:




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