BTC Trading Contest — Second Event for SwapAll One-year Anniversary

2 min readOct 5, 2021


SwapAll Anniversary event series continues with surprising upgrades!

In the SwapAll 2.0 Gaia version, it does not only contain various functional upgrades, BTC deposit, withdrawal, and swap, liquidity pools, etc., but it also prepares great prizes for all SwapAll loyal users!

Event Schedule:

All transactions after the launch of the BTC-USDT swap (i.e., starting at 11:00 am EDT on October 4, 2021) will be calculated by SwapAll for this contest.

This contest ends at 4:30 pm EDT, October 18, 2021.

Contest Rules:

After the launch of the BTC-UDST swap, until the end of this contest, all the transactions of BTC-USDT swap in the SwapAll APP and Layer 2 will be calculated and ranked in account for the 6,500 USDT prize pool.

During the two-week contest period, the swap transactions of BTC-USDT (calculated in BTC) by SwapAll users will be automatically recorded.

SwapAll will accumulate the total amount of users’ BTC-USDT volume, calculate the top 30 users with the largest trading amount at the end of the contest and distribute accordingly a total of 6,500 USDT for these 30 users.

Contest Rewards:

Total Rewarding Amount: 6500 USDT

At the end of the contest, rewards will be issued to winners according to the rankings on the leaderboard

1st place: 800 USDT

2nd to 5th place: 700 USDT

6th to 10th place: 400 USDT

11th to 15th place: 100 USDT

16th to 20th place: 50 USDT

21st to 30th place: 15 USDT

Reward Distribution:

The reward will be distributed to the winning user’s wallet in SwapAll APP within one week after the event ends. Please log in and check at that time.


The BTC Trading Contest is open to users of the SwapAll APP and Layer 2.

SwapAll reserves the right to cancel the qualification of fraudsters during the event, including registering multiple accounts to obtain additional bonuses, and any other acts involving illegal, fraudulent, or harmful purposes.

SwapAll reserves the right to modify the terms of this event without prior notice.

SwapAll reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team.

No complex calculations, no tedious rules. Come to SwapAll, trade BTC to share the prize! At the same time, the BTC-USDT liquidity pool mining will also provide half of the transaction fees as a mining reward! The contest will only last for two weeks, seize the opportunity to trade BTC to win the prizes!

APP download link:

Layer 2 entrance: